• When debris or other obstructions require down hole intervention, OGI delivers the tools and the technical expertise to successfully complete a fishing job quickly and efficiently
  • Our rapid response limits downtime and reduces costs to offshore and onshore operations alike. We can position our tools and personnel at the customer’s location or customise Fishing Tools at OGI facility
  • We offer a comprehensive line of conventional fishing, casing and junk milling, plug and abandonment, well bore cleanout, side tracking/casing exit, and milling tools applicable for both open and closed hole environments
  • Our tools are engineered and manufactured to precision at API-approved facilities in UAE that meet or exceed the industry standard
  • All fishing packages and assemblies are subject to third party quality control checks prior to deployment to guarantee complete job satisfaction



  • Wash over operations
  • Junk milling / Milling tools
  • Window milling & cutting
  • Tubing milling
  • Casing milling
  • Fishing jars & accessories
  • Junk baskets
  • Knuckle joints
  • Safety joints
  • Magnets
  • Section mills
  • Over shots
  • Spears
  • Rotary Shoes
  • Under Reamers
  • Casing Rollers
  • Casing Scrapers
  • Mechanical whip stocks
  • Hydraulic permanent setting whip stocks
  • Stuck pipe retrieval

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